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Route 66 Road Shield CA

All The Signs You’ll See Driving Route 66

The shield. Route 66’s most enduring symbol.

If you can summon up an image of a Route 66 sign without Google, the shield is the most likely symbol you’ll see.

But despite the iconic combination of the highway shield and the number “66,” the shield doesn’t belong to Route 66 alone.

It’s the symbol of the United States’ national route system, and all U.S. route’s use it.

It’s a shared symbol, one found on the side of national highways in every state from coast to coast and U.S. territories.

While the shield might be the most recognizable sign on Route 66, though, the one you’ll find on the sides of the highway and painted on the asphalt, the Route 66 shield is not the only type of signage that marks the route.

As Route 66 has moved from major thoroughfare to historic treasure, numerous signs have been erected in the old road’s honor.

You will find these signs in paint and in neon. On signposts and on the sides of buildings.

Marking the path forward and marking historical landmarks along the way.

So, without further rambling, we present our collection of Route 66 signs you might see as you drive the Mother Road.

Route 66 Sign Collection

Route 66 Water Tower

water tower

Location: Oatman Highway & Interstate 40, Topock, AZ

Route 66 Painted Road Shield

Route 66 Shield

Location: 5 Mile Road, Between I-40 in Needles & Park Junction, CA

Historic 66 Road Shield Victorville

Location: Victorville, CA

Route 66 City Distance Sign

Route 66 Signpost

Location: Wagon Wheel Restaurant, Needles, CA

Needles Painted 66 Shield

Rt 66 Needles Shield

Location: Wagon Wheel Restaurant, Needles, CA

Route 66 Shield Sign Collection

Rt 66 Shield Collection

Location: Wagon Wheel Restaurant, Needles, CA

Route 66 Sign Post

Route 66 Sign Post

Location: Wagon Wheel Restaurant, Needles, CA

Route 66 Painted Shield

Route 66 shield at Emma's Jean's Holland Burger Cafe

Location: Emma’s Jean’s Holland Burger Cafe, Victorville, CA

Historic Route 66 Sign

Historic 66 sign Victorville

Location: Victorville, CA

Route 66 Arch

Route 66 Arch 7th Street Victorville

Location: 7th Street, Victorville, CA

Route 66 Victorville Sign

Victorville 66 sign

Other Route 66 Signs You’re Likely To Come Across

Along with the Route 66 shield, these signs are some of the most common and recognizable Route 66 signs you’ll find along the route.

Begin Route 66 Sign, Chicago, IL

Begin 66

Route 66 End of Trail Sign, Santa Monica, CA

Route 66 End of Trail

State Route 66 Sign, Arizona

Arizona 66

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